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The Frodsham family had a long and illustrious history in English watchmaking. In particular Charles Frodsham was one of the leading horologists of the second half of the 19th century and his firm continued in business until after WWII.

The later Frodsham company was primarily a retail establishment but they continued an active repair business and may have actually produced some watches in house.

The Frodsham name was recently purchased by Philip Whyte and associates and may once again produce new horological items.

The subject of this research project is a watch that would have been produced around the turn of the 20th century by the Frodsham firm, but has hallmarks for 1947.

The question is, "Is this the latest watch of their own production sold as new by the firm?"

If anyone has contemporary or later examples of Frodsham watches, please share that information.

It is not generally known that I also collect English watches, but I have done so for many, many years -- in fact most of my very early watch purchases were English. Decades ago I acquired a very fine collection of American and foreign watches from an old Illinois estate. Included in this collection was this watch which was originally acquired from horologist Paul Kast, a well and highly respected watch man and repair specialist from Chicago, who told me that this watch was the very last Frodsham finished and sold.

The lever movement appears to be circa 1900 but the case hallmark is 1947, the dial is semi unique and the movement signature unique to my knowledge.

I have attempted to research this ex rare item to no avail. Tom McIntyre graciously digitally photographed this beauty for me and placed it here on my website for the horological community to view and examine for the very first time. Enjoy! Jon
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