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I collect the following watches and/or movements:

Luther Goddard, Shrewsbury, Mass.

Henry Pitkin and other genuine Pitkin watches from E. Hartford, Conn. and New York
Jacob Custer, Norristown, Pa.
J.H. Mulford, Albany, N.Y.
Howard, Davis and Dennison, Boston (8day 22 size)
Warren Mfg. Co., Boston
Boston Watch Company, including "Samuel Curtis, Roxbury", "Dennison Howard and Davis, Waltham"
Joseph Jeunet, Meadville, Pa.
Tracy Baker & Co., Waltham (numbers 5001-5020 only)
Howard and Rice, Boston
L (Lyman) W. Thompson, Cherry Valley, N.Y.
early E. Howard & Co., Boston, Mass.
George P. Reed, Boston and Malden
Charles Fasoldt, Rome and Albany, N.Y.
Nashua Watch Co., Nashua, N.H.
early Appleton Tracy & Co., Waltham, Mass (5000-15000)
early American Watch Co. watches, including unusual key winds and all originally cased 3/4 plate 20, 18, 16 and 12 sizes
American Watch Company signed HI-GRADE models 1859, 1860, 1862, 1868, 1872, 1888, 1894, 1899, & ladies OO size only
American Watch Company, Waltham, Mass. chronographs and repeaters
United States Watch Co., Marion, New Jersey
J.G. Hall, Vermont
Don J. Mozart (Mozart Watch Co.), Ann Arbor, Mich.
New York Watch Co., Springfield, Mass. (original early 3/4 plate KW/SWs and high grades)
W. E. Potter, Boston

Jacob D. Karr, Washington, D.C.
Tremont Watch Co., Boston (original cased & unusual examples)
J.H. Allison
Newark Watch Co., Newark, N.J.
Cornell Watch Cos, Chicago, Ill. and San Francisco, Calif.
California Watch Co., San Francisco, Calif.
Western Watch Co., Chicago, Ill
Ezra Bowman Watch Co., Lancaster, Pa. (numbers 1-50 only)
J. P. Stevens Watch Co., Atlanta, Ga. (numbers 1-169 only)
Lancaster Watch (Adams and Perry), Lancaster, Pa. (numbers 1-2300 only)
early Lancaster Watch Co., Lancaster, Pa. (original cases and high grades)
E.H. Flint, Cincinnati, Ohio
S.D. French, Wabash, Indiana
Auburndale Watch Co., Auburndale, Mass. (Rotary, Timer, Lincoln and Bentley models)
Freeport Watch Co., Freeport, Illinois (and similar M.S.Smith, Detroit, Mich.)
D.D. Palmer, Waltham, Mass (Waltham Horological School)
Herman Von Der Heydt (Self Winding Watch Company), Chicago, Ill (numbers 1-35 only)
unusual Independent, Fredonia, N. Y. and Peoria, Peoria, Ill. watches or movements
Otay Watch Company, Otay, California
San Jose Watch Co., San Jose, California
Osaka Watch Co., Osaka, Japan
W. Hanson
McIntyre Watch Company
Horological School watches, from Bowman, Peoria, Waltham, etc.
American watches with repeater attachments
Low serial numbers of common companies, such as National, Rockford, Illinois, etc., etc.
any unusual watches or chronographs
experimental watches
employee watches
original watches of historical significance
early watches in superb or unused condition
unusual and fancy early dials in super condition
any watch hoards of movements, cases or dials
Rare horological books and watch ephemera and correspondence
early watch company sales catalogues and brochures, ESP prior to 1900
Watch Company factory signs in original frames
entire collections and accumulations
I have been collecting and seriously buying antique watches for over 50 years and I will pay top prices for desired items I want or need for my collection.

Strongest financial responsibility, honest and credible dealings with immediate payment, and strict confidential transactions; TRY ME or simply call and let's get acquainted! Thank you for reading.

Jon Hanson