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Dear collectors, friends and interested parties,

I am currently (again) updating my serial number list for all United States and Marion watches and related products. If you have any new finds or corrections to my serial number list published by Roy Ehrhardt in his Volume 3 Encyclopedia, please contact me. 

New U.S. and Marion watches are consistently being discovered--through not in abundance, this series presents fun and education for the collector who likes to hunt and do his homework. Rare and unusual examples still remain to be found.

Interestingly enough I continue to find errors in the original work I did for Roy by incompetent or sloppy researchers, i.e., PLEASE check your movements OUT OF THEIR CASES because many (especially the higher grade ones) are SW and button set plus a few have the occasional lever set or Abbott's conversion. Also, it is important to look between the plates because some of these watch movements were machined for the SW apparatus or have had their SW mechanisms removed. I have documented this in the serial number list.

Another current fad is to collect unusual and/or unique engravings and cool damaskeening patterns. The United States Watch Company was one of the forerunners of damaskeening and finish and many are unique, e.g., mixed gilt and nickel plates, mismatched frosty and nickel damaskeening, fancy engraved cocks or barrel bridges, odd finishes, or others that have unusual lettering.

Dials: The United States watch Company produced some of the sexiest and most colorful/beautiful dials in American horology, especially early on. Their themes and use of the monogram on movements, dials, cases (inside and out) are truly wonderful pieces of art! Folks are attracted to them and so am I (currently I am working on a spectacular photo shoot of many wonderful and fancy United States, Marion dials never before seen by the collecting community). If you have something unusual or fabulous, please contact me if for sale or something you simply want to include for the record.

Empire City Watch Company, New York: They are still out there as I located a unique one at a flea market just last year. It was very exciting to discover it and YOU also can do the same--one just has to hunt! But remember, knowledge is king so do your homework on these items. Call me anytime for council or assistance, day or night, as I am always available to talk watches, especially within the fields of my liking.

I am still pursuing several Empire City Watch Company signatures. For over 35 years I have sought the following named Empire Watch Company products and I am still searching: Has anybody ever seen the following grades of watches signed "I. W. Frost, Cyrus H. Loutrel, J. L. Ogden, or E. C. Hine?" I have yet to see or record any of the above and would like to hear from the membership should any of these watches or movements be located. I am looking to either purchase any one of these watches or movements for my collection or to record the serial number for my ongoing study and research.

Lastly, I collect award medals and would like to hear of any awarded to the United States Watch Co., if indeed they still exist in either gold, silver or bronze. (The original family's heirs actually own several but these are not available)

I look forward to your communication and happy hunting!

Jon (Hanson)
NAWCC #8801
In my 51st year collecting pocket watches